Aurora | Winter & Thermal Socks
Aurora | Winter & Thermal Socks
Aurora | Winter & Thermal Socks
Aurora | Winter & Thermal Socks
Aurora | Winter & Thermal Socks
Aurora | Winter & Thermal Socks

Aurora | Winter & Thermal Socks

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AURORA Winter & Thermal | Alpaca Winter Performance Socks for Men's & Women's

Modern functional design for for winter enjoyment with maximum comfort

Heavy padded winter socks that never overheat your feet. Elastic feet band keeps the sock in place. Reinforced heel and toe. Natural thermal adaptability on variable weather.

Alpaca is enhanced by blending it with Acrylic fiber, for a more durable and resilient product.

Blended fibers are knitted on a technical layered knit to obtain the best performance from natural resources. 

Alpaca fiber creates a vapor barrier to keep you warm when the weather is cold and fresh when it is hot.

As a natural semi-hollow fiber it traps warm air in the cores insulating even in wet or windy conditions.

Alpaca fibers use capillary action to transfer moisture from the skin outwards and spread it on the surface of the fibers, increasing the evaporation rate for keeping the user dry and comfortable.

The smooth and lustrous nature of Alpaca is very gentle on the skin, reducing friction and blisters from any imperfection inside the footwear as well as protecting from UV radiation.

Alpaca is the best performing fiber to make socks. Hollow hairs make it warm, dry, fresh and light.

Alpaca herds roam freely in harmony with their natural ecosystems and are shorn by hand once a year.

We transform the fiber using state-of-the-art technology obtaining innovative products that don’t harm the environment, animals nor society.

This sustainable industry brings better living conditions to one of the most remote regions in the world.

We are a family knitting company from Peru and produce what we offer since 1992.

We are not a marketing exercise for low cost outsourced products.

For 3 generations our company has developed in-house technology to make the best functional natural products based on our Authentic Technikalpaca Technology.

50% Baby Alpaca  20% Poliacrylic  20% Nylon
7% Elastic  3% Spandex

SOCKS FOR MEN AND WOMEN: Sizing according to shoe sizes

Made in Peru

      Alpaca evolved at over 4,000 meters above sea level. In such extreme conditions morning temperatures can be 25°C while in the same evening it can drop below -15°C.

      Ancient civilizations developed a very close relationship with alpacas in order to survive in such inhospitable environments by selective breeding them for their unrivaled insulating fiber.

      Product Information

      Camino Socken Camino Socken Apex Socken Apex Socken Sierra Socken Sierra Socken Cordillera Socken Cordillera Socken Alpha Socken Alpha Socken
      Charakteristik Geformte Polsterung Mittlere Polsterung Mittlere Polsterung Starke Polsterung Leichte Polsterung
      Anatomische Passform
      Strumpflänge Wadenlang Knöchellang Wadenlang Wadenlang Invisible - high cut
      Hauptmaterial Technikalpaca, Naturfasern.
      Alpakawolle + Merinowolle + Bambus
      Technikalpaca, Naturfasern.
      Alpakawolle + Merinowolle + Bambus
      Technikalpaca, Naturfasern.
      Alpakawolle + Merinowolle + Bambus
      Technikalpaca, Naturfasern.
      Alpakawolle + Merinowolle + Bambus
      Technikalpaca, Naturfasern.
      Alpakawolle + Merinowolle + Bambus
      Besonderheit Antibakterielle, thermische Anpassungsfähigkeit und Feuchtigkeitskontrolle Eigenschaften Kann unter verschiedenen Bedingungen verwendet werden Unübertroffene Weichheit für maximalen Komfort Feuchtigkeitskontrolle & Thermische Anpassungsfähigkeit für den alltäglichen Einsatz
      Schuhtyp Leichte Wanderschuhe (Kategorie A und A/B) Sportschuhe, Leichte Freizeitschuhe Leichte Wanderschuhe (Kategorie A und A/B) Feste Bergstiefel (Kategorie B/C und C) Sportschuhe, Leichte Freizeitschuhe
      Erhältlich in weiteren Farben

      patented technology


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      Features Features


      Semi-Hollow Alpaca fiber provides adaptable thermal and moisture management with unrivaled softness for maximum comfort in variable conditions.

      Tough and resilient Superwash MERINO WOOL

      reinforces the yarn by improving friction resistance and washability for a long-lasting and sustainable garment.


      Hydrophilic vegetal fibers such as Bamboo Rayon deliver better absorption
      freshness and odour control to create the best natural technical gear.


      We value family, nature and animals - equally

      These three things precisely define our philosophy.

      Inspired by those who live and play in the mountains, the brand offers high-performance socks, accessories and apparel made for an active outdoor life.

      Tradition and history

      + Latest Technology

      Millenary Know-How

      Working with alpaca fiber has many technical challenges, since it cannot be transformed using the common wool process, but it needs manual and labor intensive processes to be refined into quality yarns and then knitted or woven on modern electronic machines.

      Is the way to produce the exquisite clothing is known for.


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