Warum Bekleidung und Accessoires aus Alpakawolle?

Since we discovered the benefits and functional properties of our tights and socks, we began to produce technical, casual clothing and accessories made of alpaca with a mixture of natural fibers designed for all types of activity, from high-level skiing and mountaineering to hiking and light training and daily.



This collection, made with natural fibers and typical of our Technikalpaca® technology, will allow you great mobility due to its elastic, durable and silky fabric.

Produced and made in our facilities, in the Central Andes, using the best textile technology and the strictest process and quality control.

This technical outdoor jacket can be used on a walk in complete safety and happiness.

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They are designed to add comfort to any outfit, whether it is for a day of skiing, running or going out. Our accessories range from high-performance hats, gloves, balaclavas to comfortable, soft and plush hats, gloves and neck-warmers.

Our accessories follow the same philosophy as all Andina Outdoors® products.
They are focused on comfort - durability - quality - sustainability and excellent design.