Alpaca Wool Sock Technology

Outdoor adventure comes in layers of natural fibers. You can enjoy the use of natural fibers from the most demanding mountain climb to the base, recharging energy and having a drink.

The use of alpaca and natural fibers is MAGICAL.

Our naturally and sustainably sourced fiber will help you fuel the best adventures.

Since we discovered the benefits and functional properties of our stockings and socks, we began to produce technical and casual alpaca clothing with a blend of natural fibers designed for all types of activity, from high-level skiing and mountaineering to hiking and light, everyday training.



Andina Outdoors garments and accessories are oriented towards high performance and comfort. We combine ultra-soft premium Alpaca wool from the region, with lightweight blends of various natural materials, improving sweat control, drying time, durability and appearance.

We believe that clothing made of wool and natural fibers is the most important key to feeling free outdoors.


Alpaca Functional Sweatshirts - Alpaca Functional Jackets

Combination of a casual look with maximum functionality.

This collection, made with natural fibers and typical of our Technikalpaca® technology, will allow you great mobility due to its elastic, durable and silky fabric. Produced and made in our facilities, in the Central Andes, under the strictest process and quality control.

You can use this jacket on a hike in complete safety and happiness.


Our Alpaca accessories

They are designed to add comfort to any outfit, whether it is for a day of skiing, running or going out. Our accessories range from high-performance hats, gloves, balaclavas to comfortable, soft and plush hats, gloves and neck-warmers.

Our accessories follow the same philosophy as all Andina Outdoors products - They are focused on comfort, durability and sustainability.



Our line of sports accessories features an assortment of exquisite blends of natural fibers sourced from the South American Andes. The blend of alpaca wool with other sustainable materials will allow you to perform at your best. Our garments are made to vent excess heat, dry quickly and help keep you confident in the great outdoors.



Our accessories range from bold and fun designs to classic looks and technical accessories that will help you in everyday life.

From hats, fast-drying collars, to gloves and more specific technical accessories for winter or summer. All of our products are designed with your comfort in mind, helping you stay warm, dry and protected.