Alpaca evolved at over 4,000 meters above sea level. In such extreme conditions morning temperatures can be 25°C while in the same evening it can drop below -15°C.

Ancient civilizations developed a very close relationship with alpacas in order to survive in such inhospitable environments by selective breeding them for their unrivaled insulating fiber.


¨La ciudad Blanca¨

The Andes Mountains cross several countries: Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. We are in the city of Arequipa, in southern Peru, located in the western mountain range of the central Andes. The proximity to the mountain is the perfect testing ground for trying out the best premium all-weather performance socks and apparel.

We practice skiing, snowboarding, trekking, mountaineering, biking, and running, in the strictest and most changeable climates.

All this allows us to design - test - manufacture - and again test the products.