Our Facilities

We are a textile company, which covers the weaving and production of high quality garments.
Located in the Central Andes of South America in the city of
Arequipa, Peru.
We offer premium alpaca fiber products and other high performance natural fibers.


Our products are made primarily from locally sourced alpaca fiber,
combining it with mixtures of various natural fibers to improve its performance.

The use of fine fibers such as Merino Wool, Bamboo, Tencel®, Peruvian Pima Cotton and Silk, are mixed with alpaca wool to obtain durable, comfortable and functional garments, designed to be used in all conditions and climates.



Our company's strategy is based on the highest levels of computerized textile automation, an advantage that allows Andina Outdoors products to meet the highest quality standards, and with infinite design possibilities.

We strive to keep machinery updated with the latest technological capabilities in the industry, achieving high productivity for large batches.
We are also capable and do small batches with very special and specific details and features.

We have built a modern boutique factory capable of technologically designing and processing the most exquisite natural fibers, allowing us to offer a complete range of products with internal production and having controlled quality from obtaining the fibers, weaving the products, to the barcode that identifies the product in the packaging.